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About Us

GO!CERIES is an online grocery delivery service for Bermuda, dedicated to offering customers the best in fast friendly service. We offer the ultimate in grocery shopping convenience, the utmost respect and care for our customers, meticulous attention to the selection of our food, and tremendous dedication to service satisfaction.


We devised a unique business model that eliminates the hassles involved in grocery shopping. Now, customers can go online, shop for groceries with ease (no crowds!), save their items in their favourites for future visits, and earn loyalty rewards with points added with every purchase. Customers will have their groceries delivered directly to their doors at the time and day they choose (no lines, no stress, no hassle!). 


GO!CERIES is here so you can spend less time on errands, and more time on things you truly enjoy. We invite you to become a part of our new service and offer any opinions or feedback as you move through our Website. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


GO!CERIES has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find that something in your delivery is not what you would choose for yourself, please tell us and we'll refund/replace the item in question for you. It's that simple. 


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