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Is it Cheaper to Shop for Groceries Online?

Does one of your weekly errands consist of gathering the kids and getting them ready, changing into appropriate attire, fighting with traffic, stopping at the gas station if gas is low, trying to find good parking, walking up and down the aisles - often to realize you forgot something in the aisle on the opposite end of the store, waiting in a long line with the kids begging for sweets, then carrying grocery bags and loading and unloading them?


If this is you…How about using that hour or two to kick your feet up and relax?


What if you could sit in front of your computer and take care of the weekly shopping with a few mouse clicks? It sounds great, but all of that convenience has to come at a price, right?


Well ... not necessarily. In fact, if you shop carefully, you can actually save money buying groceries online.

Here are some ways buying groceries online can be cheaper:



  • Impulse control - If you're not in the store, you're not tempted to buy things you don't need. This lack of temptation will save you money, especially if children accompany you.
  • Meeting your budget - You can check your total before you checkout so you do not feel obligated to buy if the total exceeds your budget price.
  • Sales - Discounts and promotions will be offered weekly. Frequent customers will be offered loyalty rewards.
  • Save on gas - Depending on how far you travel gas can come to more than your delivery fee.
  • Time is money - If time equals money, buying online will definitely help you save time.
There is only one way to find out if you save by grocery shopping online…try it out! 
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